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Accountant General (A&E) - Accounts

Treasuries and Pay and Accounts Offices in Jharkhand are responsible for the Primary compilation of accounts of the receipts and expenditure of the State Government. These are thereafter sent to the PAG (A&E)Jharkhand for secondary compilation. The PAG (A&E) receives vouchers and schedules from all treasuries and PAOs not having a Residential Audit Officer (RAO) posted by the Accountant General (Civil Audit). Vouchers and schedules of PAOs with RAOs are retained with the RAO for verification. The PAG (A&E) prepares the monthly, quarterly and annual accounts of the State based on the accounts received from the treasuries and PAOs of the State, supplemented with information on Reserve Bank Deposits (RBD) provided by the Central Accounts Section (CAS), Reserve Bank of India (RBI), Nagpur and through the exchange of DDs and cheques from and to other accounting entities and individuals whose transactions with the State Government are not routed through the RBI. Such non-RBI transactions usually pertain to leave salary/ pension/ GPF contributions and repayment of Long Term Advances of State Government of employees who are on foreign service or inter-State deputations. CAS RBI transactions pertain to the unilateral purchase (discounting) and sale (rediscounting) of treasury bills by the RBI in order to maintain the minimum cash balance of the State Government, or the debiting and crediting of the cash balance in response to sanctions relating to theJharkhand Government received from the Central Government, other State Government, and the Public Debt Offices (PDOs) of the RBI responsible for the raising and discharging of Public Debt of the State Government through Public Bonds. The PAG (A&E) renders the Monthly Civil Accounts to the Finance Department of the State Government by the 25th of the succeeding month. The Annual Finance and Appropriation Accounts for a year are normally rendered by the winter session of the succeeding year of the Legislatures.